A commitment to service, quality and value is what Branford Building Supplies was founded on, and that commitment still runs deep today.

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The History of Branford Building Supplies

How do you go from a “one wheelbarrow” outfit to one of Southern Connecticut’s most successful building supply centers? Hard work, a passion for excellence, and the ability to adapt and prosper through the years – Branford Building Supplies is a real American success story.

In the 1930’s Michael Giordano, a recent immigrant, found work in Branford as a mason contractor. After a few years of having to travel to New Haven for supplies, he and his wife Genevieve decided to buy a pallet of limestone and make their own cement and concrete. Before you know it, they were supplying the entire community and Branford Building Supplies was created.

Over the years, other family members joined the business, and we went from a small mason supply shop, to a full service lumberyard, design gallery and hardware store. Proud to be one of the few original specialty shops in Connecticut still in operation by the original owners, Branford Building Supply is a modern business based on traditional values.

The barn where Michael and Genevieve mixed their first batch of cement is still standing on the property, located in historic downtown Branford. Branford is also home to one of Branford Building Supplies’ affiliate companies, Giordano Construction Co., well known throughout the state for providing construction excellence for over eight decades.

As we look to the future, our goal is to continue to provide our customers with everything they need to make their vision a reality – high quality products, innovative ideas and unparalleled support.

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