Moisture Barrier & Ventilation

Learn more about moisture barrier & ventilation below.

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No matter which siding material you choose, it’s imperative to install the proper moisture barrier underneath.

This will add extra protection against wind-driven rain, melting snow and ice, and will help ensure a 100% watertight seal. Branford Building Supplies offers everything needed to go along with your siding project:

ZIP System® Sheathing and Tape – A one-of-a-kind structural roof and wall system with a built-in energy-efficient barrier that keeps moisture out and reduces air leakage, while still allowing panels to properly dry.

Grace Ice & Water Shield® – A proprietary and time-tested rubberized asphalt formulation that enables a watertight bond. Maintains a watertight seal and offers superior watertight laps, which are critically important in keeping the siding dry.

Felt – A thick, asphalt-impregnated paper that protects the sheathing against moisture infiltration, while allowing some air passage so the wall can breathe. Many builders use standard 15-pound felt.

Housewrap – A unique material that helps prevent the infiltration of water and air, but lets water vapor escape, preventing rot and mold inside walls. This will protect against wind and rain that can penetrate the exterior siding.

Rainscreen – A system of siding that includes an air gap between the exterior siding and the housewrap. Rainscreens help walls manage moisture, by allowing the moisture to be redistributed and drained. Rainscreens are recommended for buildings, both commercial and residential, that are located in coastal areas.

Ventilation Systems
Homes are built tightly to save on heating and cooling costs, but quite often these same homes do not have proper ventilation. Air within your home can often contain more pollutants than you’d find outside. There are various types of home ventilation, (exhaust only, supply only, and balanced) and the experts at Branford Building Supplies will help you find the system that will work the best for your home.