Specialized Delivery

At Branford Building Supplies, we’re known for our excellent delivery service: we get your building materials to you safely, efficiently, and on time.

Learn more about this great service below.


With new builds and major remodeling projects, you don’t want all the materials delivered at once.

Your sales liaison or delivery services staffers will use our scheduling software to work with you to plan a delivery schedule tailored to your project’s timetable. That way, windows won’t be lying around during framing, and flooring trusses will arrive before base moulding.

In addition, our careful packing, loading, and unloading ensure that the products you’ve ordered arrive in great shape and are placed where you need them on the job site, cutting down on material degradation or loss. Loading a truck with building materials is not a simple matter. Product weight as well as size must be considered, and materials must be packed and balanced so they don’t shift or tumble during transit. Further, whenever possible, materials should be loaded according to the last in, first out rule. These are the things our experienced loaders know how to do.

Our drivers are veteran employees who are fully licensed and insured, with substantial experience n the specific type of delivery vehicles they operate. The Branford Building Supplies delivery fleet includes vehicles suited to differing job requirements. For example, Rack Trucks ensure trouble-free delivery of breakable materials. Flat Bed Knuckle Boom Trucks allow us to place your loads where you want them, keeping your job site organized. Pickup Trucks and Box Vans deliver smaller quantities of building and paint products safely and quickly. We take care that our vehicles are properly maintained.