No matter the size and scope of your woodworking project, the best place to start is choosing the right type of wood.

Learn more about lumber below.



For framing, siding, paneling and decks, softwood is the way to go. And Douglas Fir is the strongest and most stable softwood species on the market. Fir is ideal for heavy structural purposes, like framing arches, walls, and trusses, because it does not have a low stiffness core. It also provides increased moisture and decay resistance. Ask your Branford Building Supplies sales staff to help you find the perfect fir for your next framing job.

Engineered Wood
Engineered wood products are a high-performance, consistent, reliable and environmentally responsible choice for everything from construction projects to home projects.

Some examples of engineered wood include:

  • I-joists
  • Glued Laminated Timber
  • Oriented Strand Boards
  • Laminated Strand Boards
  • Rim Boards